Keith Ward, Ph.D.

I worked closely with Steve for several years in Pharmaceutical R&D at Bausch &Lomb.  Steve’s wide breadth of knowledge and experience renders him a valuable cross-functional resource.   Specifically, I have seen Steve excel at counseling and leading teams ranging from:

·Discovery to Development – Steve independently drove a critical discovery program in the ophthalmic consumer product space, moving from concepts to products in a very short time.  At the same time, Steve was leading the final stages of a proprietary pharmaceutical product through a US New Drug Application process, resulting in the approval of an important ophthalmic prescription product.

·OTC to Generics to Proprietary Products – Steve has adeptly led projects in all three of these areas.  In the OTC space, Steve built upon the discovery program mentioned above to develop innovative new products.  On generics and Rx products, Steve was instrumental in leading important projects to ANDA and NDA submissions.

·Small Molecules to Proteins – In addition to the small molecule expertise demonstrated in the above, Steve’s rich experience in CMC development of protein therapeutics proved a vital component of a protein-based program, and allowed him to be the single key point person for due diligence evaluation of protein therapeutics under licensing consideration.

·Industry to Academia.  In addition to the development projects cited here, Steve worked very successfully in a collaboration that he initiated with a team of academic scientists.  His project was completed on time, within budget, and met the goals set down at its initiation.

Overall, Steve’s broad expertise gives him a unique toolbox from which to provide his most valuable contributions – leadership, teamwork, and collaboration.  Steve’s clients will be very well-served by his wide domain-area expertise and his outstanding work ethic, applied in a highly professional package!

Keith Ward, Ph.D.,
Former VP, Global R&D, Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals
Rochester, NY 14609​
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