Michael J. Hageman, Ph.D.

I worked with Steve from the time he entered the pharmaceutical industry until the time he began working on eye health products just a few years ago.  These years included Steve as a young scientist in the lab working on the characterization and formulation of peptide and protein therapeutics. This was in the early days of proteins as therapeutic agents.  Steve showed himself an innovator in ways to characterize and develop proteins with adequate CMC information to meet an evolving regulatory environment. ​​

Steve possesses an uncanny proficiency to tackle and solve complex multidisciplinary problems.  He combines this skill with strong team, leadership, and communication skills to collaboratively solve problems through critical analysis and strategy development. His leadership keeps projects moving forward.   As a project leader or leader of due diligence efforts, Steve is able to be both technical and strategic, interrogating the issues and conveying the key points back to management for discussion and strategy evolution. Steve is able to understand and adapt easily and quickly to his audience, or his customer, thus permitting him to provide focused, useful feedback or guidance.  His people skills combined with his technical experience provide him the foundation to be very efficient and effective in multidisciplinary environments where technical and business strategies intersect. 

Michael J. Hageman, Ph.D., 
Former Executive Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Princeton, NJ   08400
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